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 Faction and forum rules

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PostSubject: Faction and forum rules   Faction and forum rules EmptyMon Mar 07, 2011 2:21 pm

Mayhem's Code


-All players in the guild will respect their fellow members and the guild rules at all times.
-If you break the guild rules you will initially  receive a warning, after that we will resort to kicking.
-Be active ingame and on the forums, would you be absent for an extended period of time, leave a message on the forum or you will be kicked.
-The only language that will be tolerated in faction chat and on our forum is English, we are an international community.
-We do not condone cheating, would you be caught cheating you will be kicked instantly of the faction.
-If you have an issue with a fellow guild member turn to an officer to resolve it, they will do their best to assist you.
-Serious offenses like harassment, sexual intimidation or discrimination, racial comments or other inappropriate behavior will result in being kicked of the faction.
-Respect your officers at all times, follow their instructions and listen to them carefully, under no circumstance will I tolerate you mocking or annoying them.


-Your forum name should match your ingame name exactly or as close as  physically possible.
-Use a title that describes the content of your thread, don't use all caps or special characters, this is reserved for officers.
-Questions or comments outside the scope of a certain thread will either be moved, locked, split, merged or simply deleted.
-Refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word non-sense posts or the like unless it is in the spam section.


-Never under any circumstance attack your fellow guild members as this can create problems, even as messing around after instances.
-Our PK directive can be found here, PKing our allies will have consequences.
-Only the leader and director have the ability to call for kos-status.


-We are not a step-up faction, once you leave you will have to work hard to regain our trust for a second chance.
-We will not tolerate you applying to other factions while you are in our faction, we will kick you if we find your applications on other faction-forums.

Territory war

-We are a competitive faction, signing up for tw is mandatory, if you are unable to participate, you will need fill out the sign up form as well or as stated earlier leave a message in our leave of absence section.

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Posts : 4254
Join date : 2010-02-14
Age : 2017

Faction and forum rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Faction and forum rules   Faction and forum rules EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 9:56 pm



  1. Minor alterations made to the text and fixed spelling errors.
  2. Capslock rule abolished, if you are asked by your fellow members to stop using caps however do so or you will still be kicked or at the very least warned.
  3. Applications of ex-members who have been here twice used to be immediately declined, Siren and I will now evaluate them.
  4. If you are a recruiting Executor and find an application of someone who has been here twice notify me or Siren.
  5. Stressing the importance of following directions of your executors.

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Faction and forum rules
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